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Research Scientists, Inc. (RSI) is a business strategy and optimization organization which will evaluate and assist in aligning your business operations to meet your current and future business goals. 

With our combined experience in Clinical Research, Healthcare, Technology, and heavily regulated industries, RSI will assemble the right team to match your needs.  Working closely together, we’ll build your accelerated path to success utilizing...

·          Operations optimization

·          Business Planning

·          Technology (COTS or custom built)

·          Investment

·          Or any combination of our tools and skillsets

Established in 1996, RSI led a conservative clinical research industry into the 21st Century by creating Trakware™ - a first-in-class combined Electronic Data Capture (EDC) and Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS).  Many of advances made by this technology are still not matched by competitor systems today.

By utilizing basic principles of standardization, optimization and systems implementation, RSI transforms over-worked personnel and over-resourced organizations into leaner more cost effective and productive teams.  Implementation of business process applications results in:

·          Increased Productivity

·          Increased Client and Employee Satisfaction

·          Increased Accuracy of Deliverables

·          Increased Access to Key Operational Data

·          Increased Profits

Gain more control over your operations. 
Ensure accountability from each employee. 
Increase productivity and profits. 

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Research Scientists, Inc.
will help build your future.


At RSI, our goal is to automate your business to the next level of excellence.

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